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Welcome to the
School for Brides

A collection of articles designed to help you plan your perfect Las Vegas Wedding.

Canceling Your Wedding

Canceling a wedding is always a difficult decision for both the bride and groom. The reason for cancellation may be different, but the rippling effect is always the same.


If you have to cancel your wedding, for whatever reason, please know that there will be fees that have to be paid. For example: many chapels, reception sites, travel agents, etc., have non-refundable policies. While you might be upset by this, please understand  that when you place your reservation for any wedding venue a ball starts rolling. Helicopter weddings have very strict policies, stating that for any  cancellation of less than 48 hours, all monies are non-refundable.


Sometimes a bride tries to place reservations with several wedding venues to make sure she gets the day and time of her choice, but then she turns around and starts to cancel those that she no longer needs or wants. The companies that took her reservations have all put out time and money, not to mention that these companies may have turned down other couples who wanted their wedding on the same day and time. Is this fair?


As most brides know, wedding dresses are not returnable and therefore, a bride will choose her dress carefully. The same care should be taken when planning your wedding day.


About a year ago one of our Wedding Officiant was on his way to a wedding at one of Las Vegas' Golf Clubs. When he arrived he asked at the gate where the restaurant was. The gatekeeper told him, but also mentioned that he did not think there was any wedding scheduled for that day. The gatekeeper than called the restaurant and asked if there was a wedding scheduled. The answer was no.


The Wedding Officiant wasn't sure exactly what to do. He telephoned Weddings Las Vegas to see if either the bride or groom had called with a change of location. Nothing was in the file, so we attempted first to contact the bride, to no avail. We finally were able to reach the groom who said to us, very matter a factly, "the wedding was canceled weeks ago". We asked why we had not been notified - and he said "the bride was supposed to do that - and by the way when do I get a refund?"


While this is an extreme case, this type of thing does happen. Everyone is notified about the cancellation except for the Wedding Officiant and/or the Wedding Planner.


There are, at time, very legitimate reasons to cancel a wedding - there has been a death in the family, a serous illness, a bride or groom in the service can't get home in time, a VISA has not been issued in time. When this type of legitimate reason is given, Weddings Las Vegas will offer to extend the non-refundable deposit to another date within a 6 month period. This allows the bride and groom to regroup their wedding plans for another day without lose of deposit money.


If a couple want to change their wedding venue, Weddings Las Vegas will help them with this, however there may be an Administrative Fee involved because of all the time it takes to make the various changes.

Some Tips to Having a Great Las Vegas Wedding 


Planning a wedding in Las Vegas can be daunting for couples who are, rightly so, concerned as to what might happen. Weddings Las Vegas has helped many couples not only plan their wedding, but also helped them find out with whom they booked their wedding when they don't receive any confirmation or contact with the company that took their money. Here are are some tips to help you make sure your Las Vegas Wedding will be all you want it to be.


1. Be sure that the company you use is reliable and has a good reputation. Checking with the Better Business Bureau would be your first step.


2. How long has the company been in business. Having a web site prescence doesn't mean a company is reliable. Companies come and go. Here today, gather the money, gone tomorrow. Don't hesitate to ask any company how long they have been in business - many companies only last a year or so before the go out of business.


3. Be sure that you have a lot of e-mail contacts with the cmpany prior to placing any reservation and also after. We receive many complaints from brides that say they reserved a wedding with a Las Vegas company and now they can't get any answers from the company. Ask questions, know what the cancellation policy is, and especially the terms and conditions.  This is crucial to having a great wedding day.


4. And a final tip - what does the web site look like. Is it up to date, does it have interesting photos and information - is it professional looking - does it look as if the company really cares about, and wants to provide the best for its clients. Or is it a busy, hard to understand, hard to read web site? Remember, the web site is a reflection of the company. And unprofessional web site means an unprofessional company.

The Wedding Officiant

Too often when a bride and groom are planning their Wedding Budget they forget to include the cost of the Wedding Officiant. While there is no "normal" fee for Wedding Officiants, the average seems to run between $100 and $500. This amount generally includes the rehearsal. Of course, different areas of the country have different costs - in some cities a Wedding Officiant may charge $500 while in another, like Las Vegas, the norm would be $60 to $100. And for Weddings with special elements, such as Cultural Elements, the fee would be higher. Rabbis and Priests also charge a higher fee.


Recently I spoke with a Bride who was incensed because a Wedding Officiant wanted to charge her $195 to do her wedding at her home. Her feeling was "he's only doing a wedding - something he should do for free, after all he is a Minister". I tried to explain that, yes he was a Minister but an unpaid one and he made his living doing Weddings.


If you are fortunate you will find a super Wedding Officiant to celebrate your wedding. But if he or she is really good, you will have to tender a good fee for their services. And that's a small price to pay to have your name said right during the ceremony. 

Wedding Color Theme: Green


Choosing the color scheme for any wedding is almost always a difficult task, unless the bride has very specific likes and dislikes. Very often we see the same colors over and over, White or Red Roses for the Bridal Bouquet, large flower arrangements for the Wedding Reception Tables, and the traditional white long train dress and veil.


That was all great in days gone by, but today is today and it is time to try something new and something fabulous.


Why not try the Color Scheme - Green? 


Green is a wonderful color that matches well with both the rich reds, burgundies, and pinks, as well as with lilacs, violets, and royal purple hues.


Furthermore, you can match your shade of green to the season, pastels or mint green for a Spring Wedding, bolder shades of green for the Summer, sage or darker hues for the Fall, and the beauty of Emerald for Winter.


Just visualize a bride walking down the aisle in a stunningly simple white dress with an Emerald Velvet Sash around her waist carrying a bouquet of Green Hydrangeas and wearing an Emerald Green necklace around her neck. What a change this would be from the Red that most brides choose for their Winter Weddings.


Or a June Bride wearing the colors of Jade Green. Perhaps small flowers attached to her dress or veil, a single piece of Green Jade on a gold chain around her neck, and a bouquet of Lilies or Orchids with light green centers.


Weddings that will not only be in the Color Scheme of Green - but may also prove to make your guests Green with Envy.


Think about it!

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